A1 Framed Posters

With over 650 posters sites across the UK, our poster network is unrivalled. All sites are found within 'areas of Study' such as libraries and computer rooms, receiving over 60,000,000 visits per annum.

Department Emails

Through our network of partnerships, we are fortunate to be able to provide html and plain text email campaigns sent directly by the Institutional departments to learners. Campaigns can be selected by year of study, course and Institution. All emails are redirected to the learners academic email address,resulting in excellent click through rates.


Double sided and jointly branded with the Educational Institution, our bookmark campaigns target book loving students. They can include redemption vouchers, information & promotions. Distributed by the library staff with every book borrowed, we have access to over 45 million books distributed each year.


Dual branded and placed beside every student's PC, Mouse mats are an excellent and cost effective way to get your message permanently in front of a learner. Participating Institutions only accept one campaign per academic semester or term (minimum period 3 months).