200 youth marketers share their insights on the most over-researched demographic

Oct 11,2017

The million dollar question these days is: "how to engage 18 to 25-year-olds based on their values, media use habits, lifestyles and attitudes"? Key to a multitude of markets spanning tech, retail, nightlife, FMCG, mobile, transport etc, this demographic expenditure supports over £80 billion of UK economic output (Nef Consulting, 2013). Key user personas in this age demographic are students. Spending over £3.2 Billion as an aggregate group on nights out or each taking £2000 worth of belongings to a university that includes laptops, smartphones and various hardware and software packages, leaves most marketers keen to capture this group into their net and secure relationships for the years to come.

The Youth Marketing Strategy event in London had some eye-opening statistics to report on:

97% of 18 to 25-year-olds use Facebook in the UK and 45% are on Twitter. However, most are not interested in interacting with brands on social media (33% don’t even follow a single brand on social media). This raises the bar in how brands produce their content and what they have to say to this audience. In the words of Jeremy Waite, evangelist at IBM for Watson Marketing, "50% of people go online to waste time. So let’s give them some really cool shit to do when they get there”. Youth research pointed towards the fact that this age group liked following brands that made life easier for them in tangible ways, not to simply have a "dialogue" with a brand. With over 27 hours a week being spent surfing the internet (Ofcom, 2015), which includes browsing on smartphones, tablets, watching TV on laptops and reading e-books on Kindle, marketers need to execute campaigns aimed at youths understanding these insights.

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