Branding to Millennial’s Do vs Don’t

Oct 5,2017

Let me just say that branding to millennial’s is a whole different ball game to branding to the older generations. Gone are the days where you can just post a few leaflets and get a good response. Branding communities have been around pretty much ever since the internet existed but only a few companies have successfully facilitated a brand community. So what are these companies doing well which makes all the difference? Here are a list of do’s and don’ts to help brand to millennial’s.

Do – Use social networks – Ok so I am not saying that if you make a page on Facebook, you will suddenly get all of Facebook’s traffic although that would be amazing. However the average user will go on Facebook up to 10 times per day which can easily add up to a couple of hours of their day being spent on there.

Don’t – rely completely on social apps – Ok so this is a bit controversial to the statement above but let me finish. Social branding is a huge thing for millennial’s but the attention span of this generation is little to none. With Google we can now see everything all over the world in less than a minute.

Do – Contact people directly – We are now in a time where we are all so busy on technology that the thought of talking face to face with someone is a bit odd. If you manage to contact someone directly, you have a much higher chance of getting your message through to them. This usually requires contacting a few other people before getting to the person we actually want to speak to but at least we got there.

Don’t – Cold call – I have never heard anyone have anything good to say when receiving cold calls. millennial’s are very tech savvy and we know that if there is no ID when a number calls it is probably going to be someone selling us something or claiming something and as a result the response rate is always low. (Not always but most of the time)

Do – Put yourself in their shoes – If I am marketing to students, I need to know what they are currently into. They are constantly trying out the newest gadgets, social media sites and apps, so it’s important to focus on innovative campaigns and not just assume that they enjoy the same things as me.

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