The buzzword of the moment - Generation Z

Sep 11,2017

How to conduct digital marketing and branding in a climate where Gen Z is the driving force of today’s marketplace and digitization?
Born between 1995 and 2010, Gen Z’s do differ from millennials in fundamental ways.
  1. Gen Z’s do not like attaching themselves to one brand. They prefer maintaining their individuality in their “personal brand”. What is a brand to do then? To connect with this generation, ask what experience will the new product create for these consumers. It’s imperative  to tell this story from a strong design, artistic, sensitive and subtle standpoint and to allow them to personally shine when advocating your brand.
  2. Inclusion and diversity is the norm for this generation. It is expected to see different body shapes, sexualities, colors, lifestyles everywhere they go in first world countries. Promotional materials thus need to keep up and reflect this trend that is here to stay.
  3. Gen Zs, much more pragmatic and budget-conscious than millennials due to coming of age in the horrors of economic downturn and geopolitical instability, are pioneers and early-adopters of the sharing economy. Uber, Netflix, Airbnb, Wikipedia, Quora, Rent the Runway.. All appeal to Gen Zs due to its more flexible, less binding and economizing nature, which support a robust sense of community and simultaneous autonomy.
As Gen Zs soon enter the workforce, the changes in the digital ecosystem will be even more pronounced and “adapt or die” is the new mantra for brands in this digital era.

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