4 Cons that Students find on Graduate Schemes

Sep 14,2017

The untold story of graduate schemes: what happens next once students sign that contract and realize after a couple of weeks on the job that they are in for a double whammy for the next 2 to 3 years? 
University can be described more as a rat race towards getting that ultimate graduate scheme. But with changes in our work culture and mentalities, the rigid structure of a graduate scheme can seem anachronistic to younger workers who praise flexibility and fluidity more. 
Although offering security and stability for the near foreseeable future, recent graduates can dislike these following aspects of schemes and decide to quit halfway through:
  1. Schemes often take on over 50 - 100 new recruits, thus creating feelings of feeling like a small fish in a big pond, which can be distressing in such an important transitional time away from life long education.
  2. Rotational programs in different departments tend to be mandatory, which hinders graduates from deepening relationship they’ve only started building. 
  3. Whilst training is a good stepping stone, there tend to be little opportunities to get engrossed in a project and succeed, fail or innovate for yourself.
  4. Corporations are notorious for red tape policies, rules, regulation, company jargon, politics etc. which can easily feel restricting if one is stuck in a specific department working on a set of tasks. Motivational issues thus easily arise if the line of work isn’t interesting, and many can leave after one year’s time to complete a master or jump into the world of startups and entrepreneurship.

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