Getting students on board to your brand is as easy as

Sep 4,2017

  1. Facebook and email blasts are one of the biggest channels of advertising that we now use in this new century. But commercial messages are vast and thus competing for a student’s attention is increasingly challenging. Solution: old school mediums like poster panels placed in niche areas that don’t face the same information overload can bolster your ad’s effectiveness. One student at Stanford described how old- fashioned paper flyers in dorms placed in bathroom sinks and stalls were one of the powerful advertising options due to 1. the large dwell time and 2. the lack of competing messages around the area, which centred the student’s focus on this  one particular piece of advertising.
  2. Place your branding attached to an everyday item that a student will use daily to get your name stuck into their heads. Pens, key rings, notepads, mugs … Researching staple items a student needs and branding it will go a long way in memory retention and even boost brand loyalty. Make sure to brand an item that makes sense to what you have to offer in terms of your product and service. Local taxi companies based around certain rural university campuses, where ‘Ubers’ weren’t so prevalent had success with this by paying to have their key rings placed on all keys of the student residence halls. Students always had their keys on them and as such whenever a taxi was needed for a night out, they’d ring this particular taxi company. This created brand loyalty that lasted beyond living in halls, as positive experiences were associated with this particular company.
  3. Finally, why not take a completely original approach and get out of your comfort zone! Make your ads playful, fun and engaging with ‘ad games’. This can increase your engagement by 8 and decrease your CPC by 70% as it provides a captivating alternative compared to all the static and dynamic banner ads online. Gamewheel is great tool to use to get started: without any coding you can select and customize a game style that suits your brand and boosts your lead generation, engagement, competitivity and makes it easy to giveaway discounts. You can embed the game anywhere: mobile ads, blogs and even in your social media campaign.
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