How Students see Educational Bodies in 2017

Oct 20,2017

The University of Birmingham looked into what are the benefits of a graduate joining a professional body. They asked graduates what they knew about professional bodies and would they join one. 65% of the graduates said the biggest turnoff was the cost of joining. 24% said it was necessary for their field. 43% said they would consider it. Professional bodies are very useful to graduates if they are studying for a very niche profession where the network would be a small number.

We asked some professional bodies what they thought were some of the top reasons students should join one and this is what they said:

  1. Being a student member of a professional body not only looks good on your CV, but also shows a level of early commitment to a career area, (the key aspect recruiters are looking for) particularly if you get involved in the association's activities.
  2. Many offer student memberships for free, or a very low annual membership fee, student membership to a professional body can be great value in kick-starting your career.
  3. You're likely to get regular news updates, and many professional institutions disseminate key information and knowledge through publications and journals, online services and events.
  4. You don't have to wait until you are employed to benefit from the resources and knowledge base of a professional body.

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