Ignore this email unless you got a 2:1

Nov 8,2017

Number of students who graduate with a 2:1 or higher has risen by 80% in 2017. As a result companies who are looking to hire graduates have to look for something more. Graduate employers will thus need to be acutely aware of what this generation looks for if they want to secure top talent for the years to come. We went and asked students across the UK what they expected after graduating and this is what we found…

95% of the graduates we asked said that work life balance was most important to them. With the millennials companies have to change some of their beliefs to suit this generation.

85% said that equal opportunities were important to them. Millennials want to see change and grow in their profession and 56% said they had turned down offers because they could not see a path to grow on.

70% said that having a strong coach or mentor was important to them. 71% said that they were excited by international exposure in their chosen career path.

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