Little known facts of Internships

Nov 1,2017

One of the big terms all graduates and companies are talking about is internships. 48% of UK graduates end up doing internships before getting work. When choosing an internship, the most important factor for half of respondents was for it to be related to their career aspirations. 75% of companies require students to do an internship before getting offered a place. We asked a few companies how they viewed internships and this is what we found…

KPMG say that interns at their company can expect the same experience as graduates on graduate programmes. Students should expect to apply their knowledge and skills from college to business scenarios they encounter during their placement. Ernst and Young say that students have the chance to bring their personality and work skills right to the table from day 1. Although interns are not paid enough to live on, it provides them with the experience to grow in that sector. In April, a report from the Institute for Public Policy Research found the number of internships had risen by 50% since 2010.

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