Little known facts of youth segment's behaviour

Sep 21,2017

  1. 81% of university students, from freshers to postgrads use Facebook on a daily basis, making this platform a necessity to be on for many brands to get those eyeballs rolling towards them! Especially with Facebook becoming a pioneer when it comes to video and live content, you’ll get more engagement if you play with this feature with such a large customer base.
  2. University emails are an effective way to get your product offering or service adopted by students as 76% of students in the 18 to 25 years age demographic check their academic emails on a daily basis. 96% in total check it every other day! Talking about power… These emails tend to receive a 30% open rate and up to 10% click through rate!
  3. Although snapchat and Instagram tends to be the more popular channel to chase these hip youngsters these days, 47% of students preferred to receive offers and promos via email. Don’t underestimate the powers of old-fashioned email...yet!
  4. But always remember, whilst promotion is Queen, content is King...As such your channels used are only as effective if your message is actually interesting and engaging - otherwise no amount of snapchatting, Instagramming, youtubing etc. can help you.

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