Marketing to 'Generation Z' Students prior to Christmas

Dec 13th,2017

Christmas is creeping up on us all and companies all over the UK are testing out what marketing strategies are working on generation z. We went to speak to students across the country and asked them what tips they would give companies who wish to get through to them.

Consistency pays off – 67% of the students we talked to said that they would not buy from the first advert they saw unless it was urgent. However if they saw the same advert two more times that same day they would be 89% more likely to buy it.

Get to the point fast – 90% of the students we talked to said 5 seconds is considered the average time they would look at one advert that caught their eye before either moving on or looking a bit deeper.

Get the product right before Selling – "Dragons Den" is the perfect example here. One student said 'When the teams have not got the product right it is much harder to sell'.

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