Marketing to Students – Easier than you think

Nov 3,2017

Marketing to students can seem like a never ending challenge in the tech world we live in today. We all have a smartphone which we spend 67% of the day on. This does mean that students can be bombarded with brands. 81% of university students use Facebook on a daily basis. We went out and asked students what marketing catches their eyes and this is what we found.

Use Social Media – 85% of businesses find that they do not gain much traffic through social media. The students we asked though said that it is still the top way to grab their attention. They spent 60% of their day on social media.

Be consistent – 78% of the students said that they were not likely to purchase something straight from an advert but if they saw that same advert a few more times they would. One students said ‘If I saw the advert whilst I was in a shopping mood, I would go to the website’.

Consider using podcasts – The podcast world has grown 76% since 2013! Podcasting attracts new listeners daily and is not as expensive as you would think. Podcasting is about storytelling to your key market.

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