New year, new social media strategy to grab students!

Jan 17th,2018

Social Media is hopefully a big part of your marketing spend, as this is the crucial way to make waves with young demographics these days. As we look back on the biggest trends that had major impacts for brands to be ever more successful with the student demographic, we’ve unearthed the following:

Instagram Story has now surpassed Snapchat’s method way of sharing. Accused of first being Snapchat’s clone in 2016, it is now the go to method way of social sharing for all those everyday moments with 250 million daily users compared to Snapchat’s 166 million. So if you are not on there, you are hugely missing out on some profitable opportunities to connect with your audience. News feed is out - stories is in.

Influencer marketing - the successful bandwagon for all brands. Instagram is now furthering transparency in #ad campaigns by making it explicit when its users are seeing paid partnerships posts involving brands. Branded Content Feature seeks to no longer deceive its users when products are being promoted - leading to hopefully a healthier way of consuming and better ethics in the marketing and advertising communities.

Organic reach for businesses is dead. If Facebook is your most important marketing funnel - then you’ll have to pay or risk never being seen. Instagram’s changing algorithm as well makes it increasingly harder to reach all of your followers, unless you’re paying to promote it further. But all these promoted posts may turn off users, who at the end of the day go to social media to socialise with things they want to see, not branded content - unless your brand has an edge over original content creation. At the end of the day however, social vanity metrics at the expense of business driven results, won’t get you far either if that’s what you solely focus on.

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