Pros and cons of hiring graduates

Oct 18,2017

89% of UK graduates in 2016 went straight into jobs. Why are graduates an invaluable investment for companies? For one they are cheaper to employ as their entry level status affords company with a lower cost option. But beyond that, they have a fresh mind ready for some real world application. We asked a few organizations what they looked for in hiring graduates companies and got a few interesting answers. In 2017 the government asked graduates what they thought about the opportunities that they had been given and 60% said they were happy with the options, 25% were not happy and 15% were undecided. (

  1. Graduates are worth investing in: their new ideas and critical thinking skills that are fresh out of university can inject innovation within a company. This can lead to ‘out of the box’ processes and implementations that can prove to make the organization more effective.
  2. Graduates, being part of the most diverse generations in the centennial can add more diversity into the organisation’s teams and drive more forward thinking changes that reflect this constant evolving society of ours.
  3. After 18 years or so stuck in classes and seminars, the chance to go out there and actually ‘do’ rather than dealing with theory, is a prospect that excites many graduates. This willingness to quickly learn is a mentality that organizations love.

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