Tips and tricks when marketing to Students

Nov 29,2017

With Christmas fast approaching, the online marketing game is on the increase. 81% of university students are using Facebook every day and 84% have stated that timing is critical. We went to find out from students what some of the tricks they have seen companies use to grab their attention.

Don’t Give up after the first hurdle - 78% of the students said that they were not likely to buy something straight from an advert but if they saw that same advert again that chance would increase greatly.

Timing is Key – 84% of the students we went out to talk to said that the time of day which they saw the advert decided if they would take action or not. Afternoon and evening proved to be the more popular times for them.

Use Social Media – 82% of businesses find that they are not gaining much of their traffic through social media. The students we asked though said that it is still the top way to grab their attention. They spent 60% of their day on social media.

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