Tips for Marketing Your Startups To Students

Dec 6th,2017

As students are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 forms of advertising every day, what does this mean for online advertising? With the advertising market growing at a busy rate, companies are now buying into the student market.

Using direct emails is still the top way to get your message though to university students across the UK. 95% of the students we asked said they would be more likely to buy from an email direct to them.

Getting access to student’s direct emails is one of the toughest things companies who wish to target students are finding. Universities will not give direct access to all the student emails which they own and this can make the access to students a very niche market.

We asked some of the students if there were any adverts within the library which they could remember. We found out that they remembered over 40% of them all because they saw them nearly everyday.

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