Top tips for attracting Tech Savvy Students

Oct 25,2017

There is a huge need to find graduates who are tech savvy. 31%, of all graduates are not doing graduate jobs once they leave University. The technology industry is worth 81 Billion pounds and is growing every month. Recruiters are on the big hunt for milleminal graduates who are tech savvy enough for this fast growing industry. 81% of graduates say that education did not help prepare them for the tech world we now live in. We carried out some research into what graduates were looking for in 2017 in companies.

Stay on par with Millennial interests – Today graduates looking for jobs are looking for more than just a good rate of pay. 83% of Millennial’s choose their positions based on their own benefits and not just the companies benefits. Many big companies say that this is a problem they face when hiring in new candidates.

Boast mentorship and training – Having a personal mentor is one of the top things graduates are looking for when applying for jobs. According to the Accenture 2013 Graduate Employment Survey, nearly two-thirds of graduates say they will need more training to land their desired job. 21% of graduates say that it is more important to them to have a good mentor than good pay.

Give them a chance – Many graduates say that the expectations on them are higher than ever. Companies want graduates to have worked in their chosen field for over a year whilst studying. Any 21st century graduate will know how frustrating it is to hear the generation above them talk about how they got jobs straight after graduation.

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