Want to captivate students and retain their attention? 7 ways the University Library can help your your brand with that... yes, the Library.

Aug 23,2017

The library … a place for study, a place for procrastination, a repository of boundless data... It has been fostering a sense of community on university campuses for decades. And now with free Macs, PCs and Wi-Fi available, it’s the ideal place for students to dwell and “chill” in between classes, after classes and even into the wee hours of the night. Now let’s take a step by step analysis as to why, despite seeming to be under the radar, the library is one of the most central place to be in.
1. Libraries have been central in maintaining UK universities’ place in high international rankings. Their £682 million annual expenditure since 2010 has led UK universities to be at the forefront of the move into digital resources.
2. Good quality library resources help attract and retain academic high flyers, graduate students and contribute to the prestige of an institution.
3. For undergraduates, the library is an essential place for their student experience, and its quality is considered more important than teaching contact time for prospective students. Satisfaction with library service was in the top ten (8th) of factors that prospective students would consider when deciding which university to apply for.
4. Even with the dominance of e-resources, students are visiting their university library even more often and spend a lot more time there (over 2 hours a day), especially for arts and humanities students. With the extension of library opening hours to 24 hours, students’ dwell time there is on the rise.
5. Universities that succeed in engaging students to use library resources are rewarded with higher academic outcomes amongst students.
6. Investments done by the Library into teaching and support services increase the employability of universities’ graduates. Skills seminars offered at certain UK university libraries are centred around IT, time management and research … skills that are highly sought by employers.
7. With over 100,000,000 annual student visits, the library is the place to be seen and heard by students across the UK!
Testimonial of the Student Library experience 
"There was a sense of camaraderie among those using the library during the dead of night. I know people who used it as somewhere to crash after a night out. It was fine, they were quiet. It almost creates another reason for students to be social - a bit like one huge educational sleep over...I've even been at the library in the early hours where students ordered in a pizza."
– Charlotte Fuge, University of the West of England. Courtesy of the Guardian

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