What is Next for University Students

Nov 17,2017

Over 5% of Millennials expect to have 2 to 5 employers in their career. Over half of the people graduating are not mentally prepared for the working world which lies ahead of them. Only 10% thought that they would end up doing multiple jobs. We went and asked graduates what companies should consider when hiring them and this is what we found…

Progression – Gone are the days where graduates would go and work in one company and still be there 20 years later. 74% of graduates say that they would now move on from a company as soon as they felt the company had no more to offer them.

Technology – 78% of them said that access to technology that they like to use makes them more effective at work.

Personal Development – 65% said that the opportunity for personal development ranked high on their checklist. With technology now we are able to learn a lot very quickly.

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